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Setup & Performance


Wifi Mac address lockdown

Just taken delivery of my new Hub Two router since transferring to NowTV from Talktalk. ATM it's working okay, but on my old TT router I could for improved security restrict wifi connections to specific MAC addresses. However I can't find anywhere on...

Resolved! openreach

OK, so just had the openreach engineer install the now broadband problem is i wanted a new line put in upstairs but he said it would cost £150 extra. when i selected the broadband package i choose the option to have a new line put in despite there al...

How do I speak to human being

How do I speak to a human being to help set up my new now broadband? I can’t even access live chat it sends you to promotional offers which is really frustrating

Michaelh by Advocate
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According to my account it has arrived. Currently we have no broadband box and I'm led to think it's been delivered elsewhere or its status is completely misleading. How do I reorder a box or is there a way of finding out where this missing box is?


Activate day was the 28th and still not working, wouldn't mind but we use Internet to watch TV becoming a joke should of just stayed with talk talk, any help of anyway? All it's saying on my account is not live yer we're getting it ready

No outbound calls

I can't make any outbound calls on my landline. I have double checked with another phone and that doesn't work either. I have 3 lights on my router which is correct. Can someone help me please as I am 94 and need my phone desperately!

0.5mb Download, No line issues

Hi, I've had an issue for the past few days where my download speed is horrendous - below 0.5 mb to the point where I can barely browse the web, let alone stream TV. The upload is fine and hits 12mb-ish.  I contacted the support team who say there ar...

Aheath by Advocate
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Activation date passed, still no internet

My activation date was 28th March. The hub lights for power and WiFi are green but no Internet light. I have done all of the recommended tests and switches, still no joy. tried using chat but get no response.Help please?

LG23 by Advocate
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