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Set top boxes & Smart TVs


FAQ - Set top boxes & Smart TVs

We've compiled a few of the questions you've asked us about using the NOW TV app on Set top boxes & Smart TVs. Choose your device to see a list of FAQs: Apple TV LG Smart TV Chromecast YouView Roku

Simon-J by Community Manager
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Delay when watching on Chromecast

Hi, I’ve noticed the last few weeks that, when watching Now TV on Chromecast, there is a huge time delay. In fact, I’ve just timed it a couple of times and when I’m casting from either my Android phone or iPad to my Chromecast, the broadcast is 80-85...

Terrible low frame rate judder on samsung

OK people I have now tv on my series 7 65" samsung tv and the frame rate/judder when panning across the scenery is terrible, to the point I paid for the boost to see if that would sort it but it doesnt. Netflix and disney plus however run smooth as b...

Cancelling Subscription to Now TV

I currently have a amount of 7.99 coming out of my bank account. I have tried logging into my account to passess to cancel but this option does not appear beside any of the packages only the option to buy a pass. This is very frustrating. I do not wi...

Sign in Issues....

Hi everyone, can anyone help on this one? Signed up to Now end of Oct 21, on top of existing BT package. BT box hardware failed 2 weeks ago and we got a new BT set top box. Also got a new Smart TV 2 weeks ago.  Unable to sign in to NOW TV on Smart TV...

NowTV app on AppleTV 4K

I’m having major issues with watching anything on the app on my AppleTV losing internet connection for a few seconds then coming back . It’s not the Apple TV as all the other apps on it Netflix , Amazon prime etc all working fine. anybody help please...

Resolved! Devices

Hi folks, We're part-way through a three-month Sports package membership, but have just switched from BT to Talk Talk as our television provider. I have tried several times to log in (the App appears) and it accepts my log in details but then won't a...

Amazon prime app won’t play

Amazon prime app won’t play on now Tv box or stick! Turned everything off and on, rebooted box and router, updated everything and still nothing! It works on phone and iPad so makes me think it’s a now tv problem, please help! 

Fire stick error

I just tried to acccess the F1 on the app via my Fire stick and was presented with the message “ looks like you don’t have an active membership”. Obviously I do and it worked last night for the football. I uninstalled and reloaded the app and signed ...