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Activating your NOW TV Stick

If you're lucky enough to receive a NOW TV Stick for Christmas, you can find out how to set it up and activate it by watching this video below:    [video]   If you've received a paper voucher in your box, you can watch this video below to find out ho...

Karl-F by Community Manager
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Netflix on your NOW TV Smart Box or Stick!

Netflix is now available for NOW TV Customers to download through select NOW TV Devices.  What NOW TV Devices I hear you ask? Please see below: NOW TV Box (Black)NOW TV Smart StickNOW TV Smart Box with 4k & Voice SearchNOW TV Smart Box with HD & Free...

Karl-F by Community Manager
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Here is your quick list of FAQs that link to our help site to provide you with all the information you need on your NOW TV Stick.   How does the NOW TV Smart Stick compare with the NOW TV Box? Have a look at our help article here where you can compar...

Simon-J by Community Manager
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Free trail on now tv stick

I brought a now tv stick and have set it up hoe ever it says on the box that I get a month free passes and is activated when the box is set up how ever it never popped up or activated 

New stick

just bought a new stick as my old one was playing up, setting it up was ok, when I added the code it came up with, can't add the code to your account!! like to know why when I just paid £15 for  a new stick with 1 month entertainment. no helpline to ...

No Dolby Digital

I know now tv/sky do not know Dolby Digital  exists, but other apps do, yet using the now tv stick neither Netflix or BBC iplayer output Dolby Digital either, is this a fault do we all need to use chromecast et al for a proper service?

Problems with adding my free month pass

I have just purchased a now tv stick with a free month pass included. After following the instructions on the tv it told me to put in the code when setting up online. I did this an it said the now tv was all set up but my free month pass couldn’t be ...

Smart Stick power cable

So today I received my smart stick to replace my white box. Easy set up except  for the power supply. It is so short I can’t plug it in. Please can someone direct me to contacting NowTV to ask for a longer cable to be sent. I am going to continue wit...

Now TV Unavailable

I keep getting the "Now TV is currently unavailable, please try again later" when trying to use my stick. I have seen the "just push x" button answers and confirm they DO NOT WORK. Only a full reset on the stick works which I will not be opting to do...

Further issue since update

Hi all, not sure if anyone has spotted this or not but I've also noticed that I'm getting regular breakups of picture. Ranging from stuttering and pixelating through to a complete loss of picture and multicoloured lines down the screen.  At first I t...

Cancelled after they took my payment??

Hi, I complained to now tv via email that my tv service was playing up. Payments for my 2 passes were taken yesterday and today, however nowtv have emailed me to say they have cancelled my passes. Just because I complained? Can someone help please

Now tv stick a waste of time

I’ve upgraded my box for a stick and it doesn’t work.  It took ages for it to do the software updates. Unplugged and started again and it finally got through to setting up the remote but then wouldn’t update the apps and then wouldn’t connect to the ...

Now tv stick not connecting

Everytime I want to watch now tv, I have to remove my now tv stick and replace it before I can get into now tv, sometimes I have to do it several times,  I have a Samsung smart tv, I had heard there maybe a problem with Samsung