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Activity in NOW Stick

5.1 Surround sound missing

Hi. I'm watching nowtv on a NowTV black box and roku 4k stick. They both have the same nowtv account and this account has Boost.I lost 5.1 surround sound on all nowtv output on the Roku 4k stick but managed to get it back by doing factory reset on ro...

Resolved! NOW TV Boost, no 5.1

Hi,  I've just started the trial of NOW TV Boost on the NOW TV stick. HD is being recognised but the Boost settings are not recognising 5.1 even though I have that set in the audio settings.  I have tried signing out and switching off the stick but n...

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Terrible sound quality on NOW TV stick

Just started using the NOW TV smart stick and the sound quality is absolutely awful. Background noise and music far too loud, voices quiet and muffled, practically unwatchable. Have adjusted the settings which have improved things a little but still ...

Surround sound fail

I know the obvious answer but can't afford it at the moment! I've signed up for the HD 5.1 Surround Sound package but can't coerce any 5.1 out of NowTV. My AV amp is limited to optical and my old TV, although having an optical out, doesn't seem to fo...

Resolved! No sound now tv stick

Hey I’ve recently bought a now tv hdmi stick  and I have no sound on my tv but I can get sound through my phone ?? Can someone help me please 

No sound on stick with jvc smart tv

Hi, I have recently purchased a now tv stick. I have a jvc smart tv, when I turn the now tv on there is no sound, but when I go to normal tv sound works, I’ve tried both hdmi sockets and they both do the same is there anything else I can try to solve...

Language Problems

Hello! I just bought the smart stick and activated the sport bundle for the first month. I am in Italy but I don't speak Italian and I'm most interested in the premiere league. Is there a way to watch the games in English? I'm watching the AVL-SHU ga...

Resolved! Now TV stick no sound

I am having issues with my new stick.. when I try to use Netflix, watch films there is no sound? But there is sound if I use YouTube or watch cartoons. What do I need to do, it's annoying? I'm just trying to watch films