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Activity in NOW Stick

Resolved! jerky sky sports HD stream, anyone else, small but regular

Hi, Anyone else having issues with sky sports recently? A second of jerky motion about every 30 seconds, not end of the world, but quite irritating and not smooth like it used to be. Have a Firestick, sports and boost subscription, 100mb fibre, and i...


Anyone having trouble with Disney app via now tv stick? It keeps crashing and won’t play the programme. Also if you pause it the whole thing crashes. My internet is ok. 

Now tv app help

Having trouble with now tv stick, I can only seem to watch things on the itv hub, other apps and live tv will not work and say there is an error with my connection, or that ‘something with wrong’. Wifi works well on other devices such as phones and t...

Now tv stick cant play movies

When trying to play a film it loads the adverts then freezes  and the messagecm saysThat didnt work go backChecked my fire stick and that workes perfectly so it's not my internet.Been at it 2 days now why can't u just speak to someone.Any ideas peopl...

Jane by Advocate
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Now tv stick loosing connection

My NowTv stick had been playing up for a while now. I keeps loosing connection to the wifi. It will connect then disconnect all the time even though the wifi if working on all other devices.Please help me, this is really bugging me as I can’t watch a...

Now tv stick

HiIs it possible to plug the now tv stick into the USB port on tv for power rather than the mains supply 

KevinT by Advocate
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I have been been watching Gomorrah the past 2 Sunday evenings. I watched between 3 and 4 episodes each day. The show completely freezes with 10 to 15 minutes remaining. I have tried everything to resolve the issue but nothing works. I tried again the...

Linking error/now tv is unavailable

Does anyone know whays wrong with my now tv stick? For the last month or so every time I've turned it on its making me sign into the WiFi doesn't work until the 3rd time and now its just saying sorry now is currently unavailable. I've reset it, updat...

Now tv not working

All I get on my tv is a spinning blue circle works okay on my iPhone but not the tv tried uninstalling unplugging switching wi go on and off and nothing works ... no helpline could anyone out there help at all before I just cancel everything as losin...


Is anyone connected to glide WiFi with their now tv stick? The WiFi doesn’t have a router but it is used in my accomodation.sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t connect to nowtv. I have rang the wifi and even the TV company which they have con...