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Activity in NOW Stick

Now tv stick won't update

I've tried to use my now tv stick after a couple of weeks and it said it needed to update,  have tried this but each time on restart just back to the same screen.  Have tried a factory reset , again it says its doing the update but then when it resta...

Darren2 by Mentor
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Cookies Consent

Stuck on Cookies Consent remote won't operate with a stickHow do I get it activated?

Resolved! Cookies settings

I keep getting a cookies settings notice on my now tv screen but when I try to press allow, nothing happens so basically the screen is now frozen and I cannot access anything. I've tried  resets and other options. Nothing happens. This is the second ...


I have been been watching Gomorrah the past 2 Sunday evenings. I watched between 3 and 4 episodes each day. The show completely freezes with 10 to 15 minutes remaining. I have tried everything to resolve the issue but nothing works. I tried again the...

Resolved! Sticks broken/killed off?

I have 3 Now Tv sticks and none of them will load to the main screen. All three take forever to load and then state that there is a problem with the Internet connection. Get two options of open settings or apps. Opening apps works and allows access t...

Now Stick display goes black after Now logo appears

I have a Now Stick, with current firmware. It works happily on one TV in the house. I have just tried to connect it to the TV that I used with my Now White Box and i currently connected to a Roku 4200 box which has worked fine for many years. The TV ...

Resolved! Tv remote not connecting

We have the now tv smart stick and voice controlled remote which has been working fine. Until I wanted to move it to a different tv in another room which I have done and it loads up the Home Screen fine but I cannot get the remote to connect? I have ...


Is anyone connected to glide WiFi with their now tv stick? The WiFi doesn’t have a router but it is used in my accomodation.sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t connect to nowtv. I have rang the wifi and even the TV company which they have con...