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Activity in NOW Stick

Alexa with Now TV Stick

Has anyone successfully controlled their NowTV stick using Alexa?  If so, how?  I can't seem to find a suitable skill.

Voice control

Just got a stick and voice control is ok but every time I search for a film it says ‘leaving nowtv’ and takes me to the hd version of the film and says I need to subscribe.  Anyone know how to make it only search the normal films?

Now tv stick

I am having trouble with both of my Now Tv smart sticks in my home. The stick turns on and I get to the home page however the stick does not seem to pick up a signal from the remote or the remote available on the now tv smart phone app. I was wonderi...

voice search not working

Hi, the voice search function on my NowTv Smart Stick has stopped working.  We now just get the "sorry, couldn't understand that" message.  I have tried all sorts of angles, volume, accents!! It did work when we first got the stick.  Thanks John

Resolved! Now TV remote voice searching

Hi I bought a now tv stick and everything was fine .. until. The other day I tried to voice search Again and it stopped working .. when I press the button for voice search and hold it in .. it displays on the tv and it shows that I am talking and it ...

Scottish accent

I'm wondering if there is any software update available- just got a stick but find I have to put on an English accent for the remote to understand me! I have an edinburgh/ fife Scottish accent and haven't used any Scottish words but the voice recogni...

Voice Search suggestion

I know that voice search on the Now TV Stick currently only works with the Now TV app and it would be quite some time until results include content from other apps, if at all.  But as Sky Store is a Sky app, I suggest that it would be useful to inclu...

DarylM by Legend 5
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