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Activity in NOW Stick

Resolved! jerky sky sports HD stream, anyone else, small but regular

Hi, Anyone else having issues with sky sports recently? A second of jerky motion about every 30 seconds, not end of the world, but quite irritating and not smooth like it used to be. Have a Firestick, sports and boost subscription, 100mb fibre, and i...

Resolved! Colour

Hi. I've just returned to my previous TV which I was also using this same stick, but the colour now on all the Nowtv platforms and also apps such as netflix are so dark as unwatchable.. adjusting the actual TV makes no difference. Will a hard reset h...

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I would like to get my stick activated

Does the Sports Day Membership include Boost?

Hi there Just a quick question - does the Day Pass include boost? As No point in getting a day pass if the stream is in 720p. If Day Passes are 1080p then that would be great. I could not find it the answer on Google or the Now FAQ's. If someone can ...

Now TV Boost 50fps

Just thought I’d bring up something that has recently raised my attention regarding the Now TV Boost, that has recently been rolled out. Read below a quote from what Now TV said when they introduced it: “Smoother sporting action: Two Sky Sports chann...

Connecting to WiFi/Blurry Picture

My Now TV stick has problems connecting to my wifi. The router is in the next room and my laptop and mobile connect to it fine but the stick really struggles to connect. It often cannot see the signal and does not show it on the list. My connection i...

NOW TV Smart Stick - Poor Bitrate

Hiya everyone,  I recently have upgraded to a 4K TV and have been using my Now TV Smart Stick (purchased in early 2019) on it. We have all 3 Now TV passes as well as the Boost pass.  I've noticed that the bitrate and general clarity of the picture is...