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Activity in NOW Stick

Now tv

Is it possible to speak to a real person? Autobot is absolutely useless. 

Phredd by Advocate
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Resolved! Now tv

Last year's memberhip ran out 29/02/2024. I was offered a deal on 01/02/2024, so I have paid for 6 months sport membership on 02/02/2024. This shows up in my account under Bills & Payments, but when I try to watch F1, the screen message is "Subscribe...

Phredd by Advocate
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Wifi changes without controller

Hi, hope someone can help.I have recently had to update our wifi. I also have a faulty remote. I have been using my phone app to control my NOW TV stick for some months.On the faulty remote, I have been on live chat with Roku agents and tried all the...

Arsenal v Burnley Game

Where can I watch the Arsenal v Burnley Game? I bought the Now day package to watch the game but I can't find it....

Now Stick

Hi stick users,  I strongly  believe that the electricity should always be switched off at the socket when stick is not in use but left plugged into the TV.    If electricity is present at the stick it will continue to get hot.  Even if,   not in use...

Now tv stick won't update

I've tried to use my now tv stick after a couple of weeks and it said it needed to update,  have tried this but each time on restart just back to the same screen.  Have tried a factory reset , again it says its doing the update but then when it resta...

Darren2 by Mentor
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Resolved! Layout suddenly changed on home screen

Crazy in matter of few hours today whole layout of my now tv has changed . I have now tv stick now remote before 6pm today i could scroll down my sports chanels with yellow cross click ok from the options and change chanel now as of 6pm tvguide butto...

Sinbad by Mentor
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Accessing NOW TV

I have a NOW TV Subscription. How many times can you change the wireless key. When I started with NOW I inputted 1 wireless key. I then had a new router so I put in anotyher different wireless key. I then took my NOW TV stick,etc on holiday and used ...

ABDorset by Advocate
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Resolved! Connection

Hi I've just changed the password on my WiFi router and I've lost my remotes so I can't change the sticks to reconnect to the WiFi as they can't be found on the app is there a way around this? 

Arron by Advocate
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