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⚠️ Blue screen on your box / stick

We're aware of an issue where some customers are the screen flash blue for a short period on their box / stick. Our teams are working hard to get to the bottom of this.   To help our teams with the investigation can we ask you to reply to this topic ...

Simon-J by Community Manager
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NOW TV Box Help (black)

We've compiled some of the top questions that you might ask about the new NOW TV Box.   Just select a topic from the list, or scroll down the page to read them all.   Introduction to the NOW TV Box   NOW TV Box Setup and Troubleshooting   NOW TV Box ...

Box not working

All of a sudden, with no warning, my box has decided to stop working. All cables fine, not overheated, just stopped working.Model: 4500S/N: 56879F614082

Resolved! Now tv small box - app related question

Hi, Somehow my 10 year old daughter has managed to download 3 apps to her now tv box (she denies this accusation! but no one uses it other than her! lol)  I have tried to delete these apps but failing miserably do you know how to do this please? Than...

Resolved! Subtitle problem

Today for some unknown reason i get subtitles on the UK Gold Channel but no other channels. I went to the settings and turned it off and the subtitles still are on (white words on grey background). Went to settings and turned on then turned off again...

Resolved! Signal

Can anyone help me, today i have got the engenier and put bb socket, but is to far away and in my last 2 rooms i dont have signal at all...can someone help with some advises? He guaranteed me that i will have signal, him and his colegue, but this is ...

Remote icon disappeared from app

I can no longer connect my phone to my now tv box via the app, the now tv icon doesn’t appear following the latest box update. I’ve updated the app to the latest version on my phone, I’ve tried deleting the app and reinstalling it. ( It can still con...

Signing up without entering bank details

I want to create a Now TV account but I refuse to enter my bank details. Now you say it's to validate my age, but I don't accept that. There are multiple other methods of learning my age...I'd happily enter my passport number, my driving licence, a u...

Blue screen flicker

My now tv box keeps going to a blue screen intermittently every few minutes. Anyone had this or found a solution? Thanks

Cannot link Black Box to Internet

Just joined Now TV.Have Now TV Broadband and I have a black box, given to me but it works. I keep trying to put my wireless password in but it does not get excepted.I have paid for a TV pass and have had no use from it whatsoever.HELP !!!!!