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Jumping back to hime page

Today my Roku Now TV is jumping out of programmes after a few minutes (time varies) and back to the home page.   This is with both Sky and BBC iPlayer programmes (I haven't tried any of the other apps)


I've checked my connection quality and speed from Which Broadband checker using my phone and also the connection quality 6 times at random different intervals) in the Now TV box settings, each time it reports excellent.  Screenshot of speed attached.   Not mega fast but usually it's fine


It was fine when last used 2 days ago, although a couple of times lately a message has appeared on screen while the programme begins it continued to play saying check my broadband.   That's usually lasted only a few seconds then the message disappeared and the programme continued.   I've assumed this was a dip in speed or connection quality.  Wondering now though whether it was something else. 


Any feedback would be welcome.   There's nothing at all that I can see on the Now TV website that's any help at all



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Also attaching connection report in Now TV box settings