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Switching to Now Broadband from Plusnet

Hi All,


My broadband / phone contract with Plusnet expires on 6th Feb, and I'm looking to switch to Now Broadband to save a few ££.


At what point should I sign up to Now to ensure a smooth transition? How long does the switch take?


If anyone can advise it would be much appreciated.





I did this with my mother, plusnet to nowtv broandband, as they bill a month in advance, once you make your final payment of your contract, you can then leave within those 4 weeks... as you've paid up your contract. She left 10 days before it expired, she was fully paid up (for the 20 days out of the final 30 days of service)

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It sounds like it is possible to convert your PlusNet email to a free account if you ask them before leaving.

Take a look at these forum posts:

Re: email only account - Page 2 - Plusnet Community

Re: Need Help - to retain email - Plusnet Community

I haven't done it myself, they are just the results of a google search.




I've just realised i've been calculating the price increase incorrectly, they don't apply the 3.9%+CPI (9.3%) to what you'll be paying monthly.  as contract deals are discounted, they'll apply the yearly price increase to the total of all your packages out of contract, then apply the set discount they gave you initially.  


currently out of contract price is 43.50 (line & extra broadband) + 9.41 (anytime) = 52.91

if you are paying 22/mon before the increase, then you are getting 30.91 fixed discount.


based on how they did it to my plusnet mobile contract last june, using the same rule:

52.91 + 9.3% increase = 57.83

57.83 - your fixed discount of 30.91 = £26.92 from March.  £4.92/mon increase.


they said today, that any contracts renewed to start in march will also see the increase taken from your bank in April.



ignore what i said above, that was using the rule they applied to my mobile bill... they've just confirmed it will be to the price you've agree on your contract that will see the increase not the non discounted (out of contract) figure.  they did confirm price rise will still apply to all (even new contracts) in March billed April and pro-rated.

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Forgive me @greyeyes but I have just been metaphorically munching my popcorn while watching you go through that!  🍿


And the moral of the story is: don't touch Plusnet with a Pluspole?  😉

i can't fault them.  not very clear on price increases... finally got hold of someone who did know ... the rule they applied to mobile (rolling month, not in contract) doesn't apply to broadband & phone (in contract).  not as bad as i thought.. still price increases for all apart from sky & now broadband... nothing mentioned other that they reserve the right to.
i got a good deal (3rd call, finally budged, better than expected) won't be joining now now.  i have a static ip with plusnet.. one of the benefits and i have fttp at the pole and they're getting ready to rollout FTTP... hence why i'm staying, as i can upgrade when ready.

@Anonymous User 

Glad you got sorted with Plusnet.


I moved from Plusnet to Now last year.I did get a reasonable retention offer from Plusnet which was only £0-99p dearer than Now and also included free anytime calls. I decided to move for two reasons. The Plusnet offer was an 18 month contract and I would have been hit with two price rises. Secondly I had billing problems with Plusnet when my last contract started with one bill running to 23 lines with charges and discounts. 


So far I've been happy with Now and had no problems. The bills have been a lot easier to follow.

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Just Done it, signed up with Now. After  18 years of plusnet .

 One thing that has been surprising with all of this is how dejected , bored and cant be bothered the plusnet call centre staff come across , previously they have been upbeat and enthusiastic about offering competitive deals , now the cant be bothered one bit .

 I very rarely call CS and like with all tings that you only see/use once in a while the differences between old plusnet and what you get now is striking


Now broadband live date 1st March, lets see what happens next


I've spoken to 5 of them over the past couple of weeks, one was short with me.. the rest more than polite and helpful.  I spoke to 2 today, one in billing and one in retentions, both polite.. the one that wouldn't budge said let me call my manager.. came back with a deal better than i thought. 

It depends how you approach them, i've found being polite and jolly, asking how their day is, perks them up.... remember, i know from family members that have worked in customer service picking up the phone, it depends on the r soul customer they've had before you.

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@chilli2 wrote:

Just Done it, signed up with Now. After  18 years of plusnet .


Wow 18 years is a long time. It was probably dial up back then.

Hope it goes well for You. 🤞

Do keep us informed.

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18 years ago it was what was known as high speed always on broadband, at a whopping 512kb (0.5 meg)  down and 256kb up ( 0.25mb)


Just had my first odd email from Now, with the number as it should be



Important info about your order

We're really sorry but we've had to make a change to your order.
We know how annoying this can be and hope it doesn't cause you too much trouble.

Your NOW phone number will be xxxxxxxxxxx.

Good to know - We'll automatically provide compensation if we miss your engineer appointment date, your go live date is delayed, or if you can't connect to NOW Broadband for more than 2 working days.