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Switching to Now Broadband from Plusnet

Hi All,


My broadband / phone contract with Plusnet expires on 6th Feb, and I'm looking to switch to Now Broadband to save a few ££.


At what point should I sign up to Now to ensure a smooth transition? How long does the switch take?


If anyone can advise it would be much appreciated.





I did this with my mother, plusnet to nowtv broandband, as they bill a month in advance, once you make your final payment of your contract, you can then leave within those 4 weeks... as you've paid up your contract. She left 10 days before it expired, she was fully paid up (for the 20 days out of the final 30 days of service)

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@chilli2 wrote:

The router should have been delivered today, I'm stuck at work and not home till just after 6, and instead of posting it to through the letterbox like previous routers I've had a message saying no one was in so royal mail have taken it to a depot somewhere 

If it asks for a signature, that is what they would do. They should have left a card giving instructions on re-delivery or collection.

Most of the other couriers just leave it in plain site on the doorstep if it doesn't fit through the letter box. Not sure which is worse.

I've just had a delivery from Hermes, a tiny tap on on the door and off he went, don't know why they won't use the doorbell.


So finaly managed to get hold of the router form the post office, and can see why it doesnt fit through the letter box, its currently sat ontop of my current router  so a simple cable swap, power and DSL line in should do the trick, the current router is sat ontop of a shelf with its wires hidden away , the 12 volt extension lead fits the now box, as will the shielded RJ11 cable and the RJ45 Ethernet cable(s)


If the router packaging was re-designed i cant see why it couldn't be done so that it can fit through a letter box as the main unit itself is quite small and slim.


First thoughts, only two Ethernet ports?

 I know most people will just use wifi, but for those that dont then it could be a minor irritant , fortunately there are workarounds such as using an old router to provide the extra ports , there are plenty of guides out there on how to do this - and its not as complex as it sounds. the only downside is that you will need another box plugged in


Next up, inside the box, the router itself, a short RJ11 cable, power brick and a microfilter , plus a quick set up guide and another pamphlet with so called technical details that concentrates on radio transmission stuff ( wifi) and legal compliance . No need for the microfilter as i have a filtered faceplate on the mastersocket .

 And again no need for another ethernet lead to add to the collection as those ( like myself) who will use it will have a few in the spare cables cupboard/box/drawer .


So the Go live date is still the 1st of March, quick cable swap on Monday evening and see what happens


You pay for what you get, if you want state of the art router, then you'll either have to buy one or go to a provider that will charge you accordingly. 

Cheap enough to resolve, a solution i would recommend:

I have one of each of these, they've worked with no issues:

On amazon:

TP-Link TL-SG105S, 5 Port Gigabit Ethernet Network Switch @ £12.99
or the 
TP-Link TL-SG108S, 8 Port Gigabit Ethernet Network Switch - £16.98  (10% extra off option) at £15.28.

Due to WIFI congestion with neighbour putting too many extenders in their house, causing their router to constantly searching for a new channel clobbering mine and crippling my speed by up to 80%, i found this usual for working from home:

TP-Link TL-PA7017P KIT Powerline Adapters £36.99 - these have worked flawlessly at home, getting the same speed across the house as i would plugged in directly to the router.

We have 3 of these powerlines (can add to the 2), one plugged into the router (gateway) and the router plug plugged into it (main socket on the front) only 1 socket required, the other two, one in each of the 2 office bedrooms, 1 has the 5 port switch plugged into the powerline, providing 4 ports at one desk, the other has the 8 port plugged in (need to check you are in the same mains ring, it works on every socket on my house (pure copper mains wire to all sockets)

We've created a wired network at two points and the router is the gateway to the net.

there is now a powerline WIFI extender edition with a RJ45 port: TP-Link TL-WPA7617 KIT (uses mains not WIFI to connect the 2).

worth considering.



My currnet set up is as follows:


Plusnet Hub one router, sits in the best place for it, its box which is kept near my main router , the plusnet router is there as should there be a fault then out it comes and the ISP can run whatever diagnostics they need


TP Link Archer VR2800 router, this apparently is compatible with option 61 MER ( or whatever its called) so hoping to use this with Now , if not then plan B is to link the now router to the TP link , however initially the now router will be the main router until i find time to try and get the tp link running .


From the router, ethernet cable to a homeplug a Roku and a camera

the homeplug set up is a Devolo kit,  (1200) with pass through and the second  one also has wifi

the second  homeplug is connected via Ethernet to a PC and a TV .

 The router provides wifi to most of the house and most of outside, the second homeplugs wifi provides coverage where the router doesnt provide a strong signal.



So the evening before switchover the TP link will be unplugged, the Plusnet  hub one router will stay in its box ,or be donated somewhere (?) and the Now TV router plugged in awaiting activation.

 When i get back hopefully the Now Router will have activated and the wifi will come from the second homeplug

 Then when i get chance the TP link will be set up to run providing a bulk of the wifi coverage  and the only devices that will have its wifi/ssid changed will be the router(s)


Switchover happened sometime overnight, and with no issues so far, a few speedtest have shown variations between 38 to 50mbps , and i assume will vary over the next 10 days or so as the DLM ( dynamic line management ) does its thing.


I put the connection details into my TP link router, as this was easier than clambering up and faffing with cables  and so far so good.

Asked plusnet to change account to email only as i still have a few emails coming to the old account, and as i understand it this is underway.


So heres some advice if you want to move from plusnet to Now Broadband...

 I signed up via topcashback so at some point i should get a £100 cashback payment , even if this wasnt there now still presents a significant saving.


If you use(d) Plusnets router go to the config page ( )  note that link will only work if you are on plusnet and using one of their routers

 Copy and paste the wifi ssid ( wifi name) somewhere, likewise add in the password ( ie to a word document )

 when you plug in your new Now Router change its wifi and password to the same that your plusnet router was using - you will only change the password/network name on one device instead of countless others.


If you use your own router, this must support MER log ins , on TP link VR series routers this should be listed as Sky(MER)_VDSL 

 If you have any issues with your line, signal, wifi etc Now will NOT offer support for your own device ( and few other isps will offer support for non supplied equipment) Keep the now router to hand should you encounter any issues

 If you struggle with setting up routers - stuff like assigning IP addresses to devices , and so on, and you sometimes need help with setting up wifi then use the now TV router do not buy your own router unless you know ho to set it up, and if its compatible.


So in sumary:

  • Now Broadband switchover happened sometime overnight
  • It all works
  • no issues so far
  • Beware though if you use the phone - voice mail costs extra ( £1/month?)
  • nothing to exciting - as it all works as it should ( so far)



And a further ( all be it minor ) update some months in....

If you are switching from Plusnet to Now, Plusnet no longer offer email only accounts,your old plusnet email will go when your account goes .

 If you have a plusnet email account ( or any other ISP based email) then i would recommend you start migrating away immediatly


As mentioned previously I signed up to Now via Topcashback , and the update is that the Cashback ( £100) finally came through in the last few days, just over 6 months ( almost 7) after signing up to Now

Now Broadband Super Fibre with landline calls included at £20

1571 Answer phone service add on at £1/month

12 months minimum term at £252

£100 cashback - effective cost over minimum term £152

monthly effective cost £12.67

happy at that.

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@chilli2 wrote:

If you are switching from Plusnet to Now, Plusnet no longer offer email only accounts,your old plusnet email will go when your account goes .

I didn't know that. It's strange but I have an email address from the dial-up days of,uk and that is still working on the PlusNet email service some 20 years later.