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Activity in NOW Stick


Hi Setting up and it keeps saying linking and a arrow going round and round how do I move o  to next bit

Remote doesn't work

I'm on my second now tv stick. The remote doesn't pair. It sometimes works but takes a really long time to pair. App on phone as remote works fine straight away. I've tried re-pairing it, which took several hours. Took it back to the shop and swapped...

Fire stick

My firestick was not working so i rebooted it back 2 factory settings which worked but now i have 2 do this verytime i turn it off n bck on. Please can some 1 suggest why this is happening.

Resolved! How to change name of device

Hi there. I recently bought a smart tv which has built in Now tv.I  now wish for the original stick to go into the bedroom .So I have renamed it Bedroom but still the remote control doesn't work. After putting new batteries in pls help

WiFi signal

Is there anyone else here struggling to even get their now tv stick to connect to any WiFi at all? Because I’ve been trying for at least 2days and cannot even connect and it seems like mission impossible just to speak to an actual member of staff abo...

stick is crap

Just got my now to be stick today, it is getting very hot far too quick and keeps saying no connection.  Even though when I check connection it says excellent.  I try to load a program and it just shows the loading dots then says no network connectio...

Remote not pairing!

Hello. I've had my Now TV sick for a while, I've tonight had to reset my stick due to remote problems aswell as my stick not connecting to the internet. I firstly tried pressing the pair button, then tried to unplug and left both items without power ...

Prompting a new code

I use a now tv stick and it froze so ive reset it but it wants me to enter a new code but i pay monthly and have already paid my subscription. I've logged on and it shows no payment info or a way to resolve this.