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Activity in NOW Stick

Nowtv smart stick stuck on reset

I was setting up my new NowTv smart Stick when I pressed the small reset button on the side by accident and since then the only thing that is showing is a nowtv sign which changes colour!! Someone please help getting frustrated!! I’ve held down the r...

Resolved! Can I check my smart stick without activating pass?

Hi there, I have just purchased a smart stick with a 2 month entertainment pass. However, my Sky service doesn't end until 9th Feb, and I really want to check out Now TV before that date to make sure I'll get all the content I need. So, if I plug the...

Now TV stick remote loses pairing

Hi all!I have a problem with my NowTV stick remote. Every time I don’t use the device for at least one day, I can’t wake it up using the remote. I must connect with the app from the smartphone, and I need to redo the remote pairing because it is not ...

No sound on Polaroid tv when using the stick

I have the now tv stick for my Polaroid tv but the volume wont work iv tried everything I could possibly think of. I have reset it from the start, taken the stick in and out, turned the tv on and off with the remote and the plug. I have played about ...

Problems using remote control

My father, who has very poor site, wants an on/off button, channel up/down (just to cycle through the sports channels), and volume up/down with BIG buttons.Anyone have any suggestions?

Now TV Passes

Can I have my cake and eat it? I have a (hopefully good) dilemma but I want to take advantage of both. I already have a Now TV account from previously using Now TV passes but I have only used these to watch content on a computer. I now have a new Now...

Can we have a 1080i setting for the TV Stick?

is there an area in the forums section for suggestions and new features for TV now ?can we have a manual 1080i (interlace) setting for the stick please in the display settings as well as the 1080p settings please. 

How to get a replacement YELLOW remote?

I have lost my Now TV remote. It was the yellow one which came originally with my yellow stick. I have looked on the Now TV accessories page on the Sky Store for a replacement stick. But they all seem to be black. I would like to get a replacement ye...