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Activity in NOW Stick

stick is crap

Just got my now to be stick today, it is getting very hot far too quick and keeps saying no connection.  Even though when I check connection it says excellent.  I try to load a program and it just shows the loading dots then says no network connectio...


My now TV stick has started to buffer everytime I am wanting to watch football . All other channels work fine ,but just not live football. What can be done ?

Sky Sports Football Today

I have not been able to watch The Old Firm Match or the Edinburgh Derby on my TV Today.When I select Sky Sports football it spoold for a while and then I get a message which says "Sorry something went wrong"All the other Sky Sport Channels are ok and...

Sky Sports Unwatchable

We have had Now TV for years and we pay for all of the available content. A few weeks ago we noticed the streaming quality of live channels drop to an unwatchable level after 5-10 minutes of viewing. It's only paid for Now TV content, Sky News and Fr...

Buffering Whilst Watching Live TV

I have a Nowtv stick which generally works well. However, I have encountered one minor problem. When watching live tv, all will go well for about 10 minutes, but then it will start buffering. I can work around this problem by re-winding by just a few...