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Activity in NOW Stick


My NOW TV stick isn’t finding my network or connecting to the internet. When it does often the picture is very pixelated or won’t load. Anyone able to help with this? 

BBC iPlayer not loadig

Hello BBC iPlayer is not working on our Now TV stick. The logo appears as the app is loading but it hangs and eventually we are greeted with an error message saying there was a problem loading iPlayer and that it is worth loading again. Tried refresh...

Not finding network on Now TV Stick

My Now TV stick has been glitching, knocking me on and off the internet repeatedly. I can't watch a movie without being knocked off the internet at least 4 times. This is not the internet service however as my other devices have been working fine wit...

WI-FI To Ethernet

I am at present using WI-FI for my stick but would like to Ethernet cable,every time I try to change settings i can’t see how to change, ideas please

Poor Internet on now tv stick

When I first got my stick around a month or so ago it was fine but now it's gotten to 3 days in a row where I've just given up trying to watch stuff with it after it slowly got worse. At first it was just more slow buffering and picture kept being bl...

Netflix playback choppy

Has anyone else noticed choppy playback when watching the Netflix app? It's tiny but annoying. Every few seconds there's a tiny stutter? Especially bad with panning shots. Netflix on our ancient ROKU 3500 stick is fine. Haven't tried our previous Now...

Problems with sky sports and USB stick

Hi, I've had now tv for a while and have no issues streaming anything. I still have no issues when streaming through a smart tv with the now tv app or my phone. However, the smart sticks are struggling with sky sports and watching a live premiership ...

WiFi signal

Is there anyone else here struggling to even get their now tv stick to connect to any WiFi at all? Because I’ve been trying for at least 2days and cannot even connect and it seems like mission impossible just to speak to an actual member of staff abo...