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Xbox One


Xbox one wont upload film

I've signed in and everytime i want to load a film still asking for me to sign in. Sign in still wont load film to watch

Cancel Payment

I would like my payment to be cancelled as i got a 14 day trial and want this off before it takes the money it says they have already tried to take the money which they shouldnt have until tomorrow. Much Appreciate Help On This Matter Asap Many Thank...

Won't load!

Every time I try to open it I'm asked to check our internet connection on the Xbox one. We have tested it and it is fine but now TV won't even open and the same message appears - any help?

now tv on xbox one

we have just got now tv free trial on our xbox one but every time i try to play something it wont play it would come up with a message saying ERROR

will not play or loadpics to the movies iam searching

hijustart2 months free triail for movies and when i go to select a move first of all there no pics to movies and i select a title thereno play button so i hover over titl and click when it highlights and nothing happens.itdoesnot play, instruct or ev...

Resolved! NOWTV managing devices issue

Hi, I removed my Xbox one device yesterday as there were issues with Xbox Live. I can now not re instate it and it says i have to wait until the beginning of March. I may as well cancel my subscription as this is the only device I watch it on. Can yo...

NOWTV managing devices issue

I got an email to sign up to NOW TV yesterday for a months free trail. I got the email through my phone so i registered on my phone, However this would not of been my chosen device to use NOW TV for obvious reasons, Please could you allow me to chang...

Resolved! TWD Episode 9

It is 15th of Feb...where is Episode 9 of TWD  or when can I watch it??