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Xbox One



Why is the sound so quiet on xbox one compared to other streaming apps?


Last night I was trying to watch something on the now tv app on my xbox one and when I ckicked watch now it would look like it was loading and then push me back to the main homepage. I was unable to watch anything. I uninstalld the app nd reinstalled...

voucher problems

I was told my pass would be applied to my account but just seen a message that I will be billed on the 12th of his month. I was also sent a new voucher and complimentary code to my works email but it's disappeared. Can it be resent?


signed up for the 1 day sky sports pass a hour ago and still not seen any sport. ON my xbox it says maximum amount of devices reached On my devices it says no devices!!!!HELP

xbox one problem

Hi there is anyone else getting a message when you load up now TV I get a message saying undifined and I uninstall and reinstall the now TV app and load up the app and goes straight away it doesn't do it all the time about 2/3 times a week

New interface in Feb?

There is a new now tv box with a new interface coming soon. Do you know if Xbox one users will get an updated interface as well?Thanks

Now TV won't log in on Xbox one

Usually my Now Tv is logged in automatically on the Xbox, however I have just tried logging in again and it says 'give it a moment, or check for updates.' It is letting me log onto my iPad, any suggestions?

No Auto-Play Next Episode? (Little annoying things)

Could do with an Auto-Play Next Episode option on the Xbox One app. I had Peppa Pig on for the kids and since the episodes are only 5 mins long, I find myself having to keep my controller turned on the whole time which is a huge waste of the batterie...

Xbox one problems.

I have recently brought a new xbox one. Have installed now TV and it won't work. Have reinstalled it and it still doesn't work. Not sure if this a problem with your app or xbox as I'm having a similar problem with blink box and screen shots in the ga...

3 Month Offer only lasted 1 Month

I took advantage of the Xbox One Movie Pass for £1 a month for 3 months at Christmas but I was surprised to be charged £9.99 this month instead of the £1 I was due to be charged. (I should have two more months at £1)The T&Cs read: Code only redeemabl...