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Set top boxes & Smart TVs


FAQ - Set top boxes & Smart TVs

We've compiled a few of the questions you've asked us about using the NOW TV app on Set top boxes & Smart TVs. Choose your device to see a list of FAQs: Apple TV LG Smart TV Chromecast YouView Roku

Simon-J by Community Manager
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Resolved! Searching Now TV content on an Apple TV

I love the idea of the Apple TV as it allows you to search multiple services (Netflix, BBC iPlayer etc) all at once. If I had a Now TV subscription linked to an Apple TV box, would I be able to search Now TV content in the same way?

Resolved! cant play films

Hi I have a talk talk box and I have tried now tv on it and I can't play any movies just keeps saying subscribe which I did yesterday. Why cant I wat h anything.

Now TV App on 2020 SAMSUNG UE43RU7100

I can’t download the Now TV app on Samsung  UE43RU7100. Says it doesn’t support this model of tv? It is a new 2020 model. I’ve checked the serial number and it says it should be supported on Now Tv website. Anyone else have the same issue?

Smart TV in-built apps

Hi everyone Hope that you are well. Has anyone noticed any issues with the Now TV apps on TV's? I have a Samsung and LG and over the last few days, but especially today on the LG, I am getting Sorry, Unknown Page Error - Something's not right. Give i...

Lindzi by Elite 2
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My Tv Access

We are New to Now TV, we saved a couple of programmes to My tv folder. But how do we access it?Red Button for search etc but nothing for my tv folder on Smart tv.It has come up on my phone app.

AppleTv 4 app - blank episode lists

Hi. There's a very annoying bug in the NowTv app on the new Apple TV.  When you select a show, you're presented with the available episodes, season by season. You select an episode and watch it. When you finish watching it and press menu, to go back ...

Login problems on Apple TV

 I am able to login ad watch now tv on my iPad and MacBook but for some reason I can no longer log in via my Apple TV - this problem started yesterday. I get a message saying that my login ID and password are not recognised and yet I use the same log...