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Subscription and Vodafone pass

Hi, I have paid for an entertainment pass which runs out in December this year. I have recently transferred my mobile to Vodafone and they offer a one year entertainment pass as part of my package.what I want to know is, if I take the Vodafone now tv...

free trial

ive just signed up for a free trial and its not letting me watch anything saying i need to buy a pass trying to watch on a window laptop which it says its possible to do am i doing something wrong

Resolved! Sky Sports Day pass no longer in account.... unused

Sky Sports Day pass no longer in account.... unused - was valid until 21/09/2025null (31/12/2017, 14:55:32): ok - this may be the case, as I added teh voucher around jan/Feb (may have been sooner) - but would have thought a reminder email would have ...


I’m trying to purchase an offer and it keeps saying oops something went wrong so I refreshed the page and now the offer has disappeared and would like to contact someone but can’t find a number has anyone else had problems like this? 

Voucher code not working

I bought a 2 month cinema pass from amazon (arrived Monday) and when I enter the code I get the message "this was a limited offer and you missed out this time". I have tried live chat 3 times and each time have a lost connection. I was advised to use...

Broadband Offer

Hi I was sent an email regarding a NowTV broadband offer which was £18.99 including line rental, however at the checkout it's stating £25.99?

why aren't there any deals for existing customers

Now tv seem to offer lots of attractive offers for new customers but what about the existing ones? why are we paying higher prices if the passes are non contract based. It doesnt make sense, if I cancel a pass, I should be able to take on a new offer...

Free Week Sports Pass - charged

I took advantage of the PS plus offer of a free week of now tv sports pass and was charged 12.99 rather than given the pass for free (I entered the code etc).I can't get to speak with anyone about this as your support on the site neems non existant a...

£99 for 12 months Entertainment and Movies is back

For any existing customers who are interested, or who missed the offer during Black Friday, NOW TV have the £99 for 12 months of entertainment and cinema offer back on again.   To take advantage you need to be an...

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