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New sports offer

Is anyone else unable to get the £21 pound sports offer? Mine automatically renewed last years deal to a £26 pound a month until august this year. I would like to have the £21 pound sports deal until Feb next year but it wont add it on. I have tried ...

Steph1 by Advocate
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Resolved! Cinema offer - unable to watch on TV

I got a special offer for Cinema in November but am only now wanting to watch it. It doesn't expire till the end of February and is shown as still valid in my account. When I tried to watch Cinema on my TV however it wanted money. I can't find a vouc...

LindaH by Mentor
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Resolved! Free sports pass

I was given a free 6 month pass for sky sports but it doesn't work on golf, cricket, f1, main event.I can't get through to any help line or phone number. What do I do?

Av by Advocate
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Resolved! NO VOUCHER

having signed up for the Cinema 7 day free trial (with Boost) I have not reveived a voucher, yet can't get the movies free - without a voucher code. Do you know where I look or how these codes are accessed? 

Astonius by Advocate
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Offer disappeared

I cancelled my membership with NowTV but they then emailed me a special offer in order to renew, which makes the content worth it for me. I have tried to activate it but can't find it. Can anyone help?

Offer by Newbie
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Signed up on 28th of November and still haven't received my code to get 9 months free which is weird considering it let me watch sometimes but other times says I need membership I think I've been pretty patient considering it said 10 days and it now ...

Noel1987 by Advocate
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1 day sky sports pass 6 month mobile app pass

I purchased the one day sky sports pass that comes with the 6 months free mobile only pass for five channels including sky sports premier league, but I can’t watch sky sports premier league on my phone. What’s the reason for this? I’m not signed up t...

Jb03 by Newbie
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9 months sport mobile membership

Bought a day pass Feb 25th which came with a 9 month mobile sport membership.Received and email 7th March to say it’s been added to my account but when I go into the app and try to watch any sports it prompts me to purchase a membership?Anyone know h...


You guys are liars and scammers. I wanted to cancel my subscription. You offered me to pay half the price for one year. I accepted it .but you make me pay the same price than before the offer .Secondly I cancelled my boost but still take money for my...

Mou by Newbie
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