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Activity in Offers & Vouchers

Boost - 1 month free trial

First, I had a popup which has disappeared offering me this trial.  It is nowhere to be found when I login.  Then I received an email offering me the same 1 month free trial, however the link doesn't work when I try to accept the trial.  It is not po...

Rulerj by Advocate
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Sky Sports Offer

This morning I received an email offering  £14.99 sky sports a month (for 12 months), but when I clicked on 'Get Offer' the link failed.   How can i take up this offer please 

Sueelh by Advocate
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Why can't disabled people email or chat online. Why havent you told me i am eligible for social tarriffs. 

Azz by Advocate
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Free trial

Signed up for a free trial today. But when I click on the program I want to watch it's saying I need to pay. I've verified my email etc. Any ideas 

boost offer

Have an offer for boost. When i accept i get this:Something went wrongUnable to retrieve product information, please select another productChoose another Membership Last day of offer is today. Can anyone help?

Susanj20 by Advocate
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50% NOW Boost

Hello,I haven't used Now in a while but wanted to re-join to catch the new Succession. Upon signing in I was offered a £3/month deal BOOST in the OFFERS section but when I clicked on that link all I got was - "Something went wrong Unable to retrieve ...

Good Enu to Rejoin

i wana see Deals that  makea me open my eye open wide lol the ENTERTAINT just that but no deals make me sum back

Mizzchic by Advocate
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Boost free for a month offer

Just had an email offering this. Clicked on it, logged in to NOWTV, message says ‘Something went wrong’. Tried twice more, same result. How can I get this offer?

Peewee by Advocate
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