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Activity in Offers & Vouchers


I am Openreach staff, I set up a now TV account and then my order for BTTV had to be cancelled and reapplied. I have been sent a Passcode to transfer the benefits into my account however it will not take it on the voucher page and I'm not sure where ...

SIRIS10 by Newbie
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Boost £1 for 3 months offer "expired" early

Got an email offering Boost for £1 for 3 months - expires tomorrow at midnight. Just tried to activate it and apparently it's expired already. Anyone else having this issue? On a related note, anyone else seriously peeved by how difficult they make i...

Do 2 month sky cinema passes expire?

I was gifted 2 x 2 month Sky cinema passes in March 2020. Unfortunately I misplaced them but found them today. Can they still be used or do I have to bin them? There doesn't appear to be an expiry date that I can see.

STEVE55 by Advocate
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Offer not available…

Saw an offer available for a discount on the sports membership- tried to click on this and the link is invalid… the offer doesn’t expire til 16th may so why is this not available?? Nothing to suggest it’s not available to existing customers! 

m3lly29 by Advocate
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Now tv voucher

I have been given a code for a nowtv entertainment package but it is saying the voucher is already being used. What shall I do ? 

Kiri by Advocate
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Vouchers expired?

1 or 2 years ago I bought some nowt boxes that came with either kids, entertainment or movie vouchers. I tried to enter some today and they came up invalid. Have they ran out?

Resolved! Adding a new stick to my existing account

I have an existing Account and view my tv passes (entertainment, cinema & kids) via a Stick.... these passes roll on each month and are paid for by Direct Debit I’ve just bought another stick for the 2nd tv in the house... this stick has entertainmen...

Resolved! Sky sports day pass cancellation help

Hi, my 2yr old kindly bought a sky sports day pass yesterday which I only found out when I checked my emails today. The small print at the bottom of the email states that I can cancel within 14 days by going to My Passes, but cant for the life of me ...