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Activity in Offers & Vouchers

Cinema offers?

Hi! In December 2019, I signed up for the Sky Cinema 12 month deal which was great value! I was hoping it would be available again now but have not seen anything. Wonder if anyone in the community has seen any great offers?

Why has the WEEKLY Sports Pass been discontinued

I only watch golf on Now TV and found the weekly pass ideal as that allowed me to watch a 4 day tournament for a price I can afford. I bought Now TV boxes for that very reason. The monthly pass is only worthwhile when there are top tournaments/champi...

Resolved! Being charged for nowtv pass again

Hi there, could you please allow me to get in touch with someone to discuss me being overcharged yet again for an entertainment pass. This is a little frustrating - I tried to reply to the old email chain as this would have helped with clarity but it...

Code won’t activate

I’ve tried adding a code on the entertainment part of the passes. It’s says it won’t allow me to add the code cos I’m not in the last 30days of my offer. It is due to run out on 6th November so it clearly is. The only thing I can see is that now tv w...

Sports pass

HiI've just cancelled my sport pass before it goes to the new price of £34 But got offered one month at £19.99So I took the offer up

Resolved! Renew code for £5.99 clicks through to £6.99

I've been emailed an incentive renew code for £5.99 for an Entertainment Pass but when I click through it only offers £6.99 a month. I clicked 'add voucher' hoping it would calculate the right amount but no joy. So I tried clicking through from the e...