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Activity in Offers & Vouchers

Resolved! No Black Friday Offers for existing customers?

Been waiting for black Friday deals, only to find they are only valid for new customers. Why punish and alienate loyal existing customers. Terms for 12 month £99 entertainment and cinema deal say for new customers only. Not looking after your loyal c...

cant add a voucher to cinema membership

I have a code for a year of cinema. for some reason it wont let me add it to my account. i added other passes fine for sports etc. just cinema not working. not sure if its because we had a deal at £1.99 for 6 months that i am stopping early to use a ...

markp87 by Advocate
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Trying to purchase sports voucher or pass as gift

Hello  I've been doing a lot of searching and had no luck so I'm just looking to check there is not another way. Looking to purchase sports pass for my dad's Christmas so ideally a pass, gift card or a code that I can physically hand to him. Is that ...

claire19 by Advocate
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Have not received my gift card

HI, I signed up in July and registered for the £50 gift card but have not received anything. I appreciate it can take up to 90 days but I can find no reference to it anywhere. Thanks. 

Resolved! Adding a new stick to my existing account

I have an existing Account and view my tv passes (entertainment, cinema & kids) via a Stick.... these passes roll on each month and are paid for by Direct Debit I’ve just bought another stick for the 2nd tv in the house... this stick has entertainmen...

Resolved! NOWtv 1 week Skysports pass won't ativate

Hi Guys Can't activate my 1 week skysports nowtv voucher code Have input in upper case and lower case, checked it 3 times to be correct but still no go, I am logged into my account too and am doing it from my PC Any help appreciated on resolving the ...

Purchased wrong voucher

I've purchased the wrong voucher (sports) and I meant to have purchased the entertainments one. Is there anyway I can use the sports voucher for the entertainments package or do I have to go back to the shop for a refund? I thought maybe the value of...

New style entertainment pass

Leaving Sainsbury’s today I caught site on a new style entertainment pass on one of their racks it was brown not the usual orange and was priced at £8.I didn’t get the chance to take a proper look so has anyone had experience of this new pass is it j...

Dazzman by Advocate
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