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Offer not available…

Saw an offer available for a discount on the sports membership- tried to click on this and the link is invalid… the offer doesn’t expire til 16th may so why is this not available?? Nothing to suggest it’s not available to existing customers! 

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Hi @Anonymous User 


I am assuming it's this offer in the link below. 


I am also assuming you don't have an active or saved Day Sports Membership and are within in the last 30 days of an existing NOW Sports offer ?


And you are not billed by a third party such has BT for example ?


If so maybe try another internet browser or when clicking the offer see if there is a voucher code embedded on the url address bar to manually apply the voucher to your account.


The embedded codes normally start with either NOW or SMP.


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Hey @schnapps forgive me for interjecting, but I have seen this thing about the code before. Can one obtain it from another person's email offer?

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Hi @redchiz1 


Some email link offers do, others don't.


Though the T&C's for the email offer says that it only is suppose to be intended for the account holder on the email.


I don't get many email offers over the years, because the majority of the time i always have the main Memberships on my account (i.e. Sports, Cinema, Entertainment & Boost) always running. 


Saying that i cancelled my Cinema Membership which expired on the 9th of April and i haven't received any email Cinema offers yet from NOW which is unusual for them and nothing showing under Exclusive Offers for You on my online account 😡.


If you are going to check, make sure the account holder of the email offer has an payment pin setup when you click on the email link to avoid the offer automatically applying to their account and with a payment pin added it should ask you do you want to apply this offer to the email recipient account by typing the four digit payment pin code they setup which should hopefully avoid them taking up the offer if unwanted.


The Sports website offer in the link i posted in my first reply when checking does definitely have a SMP code embedded in the URL address bar and i only suggest to forum members to go down this route if they are eligible for the offer, but for some reason they can't purchase the offer on the website.

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Thanks again @schnapps I have no intention of signing up on the other account, it is effectively dormant, it was more that others had also mentioned this embedded code within the URL with offers past, which I have never seen.