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Activity in Offers & Vouchers

Resolved! Sports pass "offer" fakery

Looks like they've now priced themselves out of a customer - I used to have the sports pass for £19.99.So I've now cancelled - and the best part? To tempt me back, I can get an "offer" of 2 months at a steal of.... £33.99!Apparently, this is a black ...

Resolved! b/band and tv black friday codes are invalid

1st post i came to nowtv 3 months ago and got long deals on sport, entertainment and cinema and got boost as it is, also last week i call up the accessible help as i struggle to purchase the black friday b/band plus tv deal on the web with mobility a...

BLACK friday

Hi. i cancelled NOWTV WITH EFFECT FROM December 12th. if I could get the BF offer, I would extend for a couple months. is this possible, or must I become someone else?  

Resolved! Adding a new stick to my existing account

I have an existing Account and view my tv passes (entertainment, cinema & kids) via a Stick.... these passes roll on each month and are paid for by Direct Debit I’ve just bought another stick for the 2nd tv in the house... this stick has entertainmen...

Resolved! F1 Season Pass

Can we get a Black Friday deal for an F1 Pass for next year? I would be happy to buy this, but am not prepared to buy Sports every month when all I want is F1.Can Now TV comment on this?

Black Friday deals 2020

For the last 3 years I have been able to buy/renew an annual pass for Cinema and Entertainment on or around Black Friday. I have usually paid around £100. This year, despite checking daily for about 2 weeks before and each day since, I have no member...

Now tv passes

I was charged 8.99 for an entertainment pass that I have on special offer and should have only been charged 5.99?? This has never happened before. What can I do? 

Black Friday 2020 Prediction

Here is my prediction for NOW TV’s Black Friday offerings - NOTHING Comcast’s interest in NOW TV was nothing more than their need to asset strip it for their Peacock product. Offering discounts is in direct conflict with the need to make it unpalatab...

12 month TV pass deals for Black Friday?

Hi, I usually renew my 12 months of passes via the Black Friday Pass bundle deals. However this year there does not seem to be any deals on TV passes. Have I missed it, or do you know if there will be any 12 month deals please?Thanks!