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All my passes got cancelled

I was an employee at sky and got 5 year codes for every pass including boost. I got them up and working little longer then a month ago and yesterday got an email from all the passes I put in (cinema, sports, entertainment, boost) all got cancelled. May I reiterate I used 1 month of a 5 year pass! 

on top of that I’ve been charged for boost for the time I had the codes as well.


i contacted through live chat and they didn’t know what happened and said they’d contact higher ups but I’m confused and annoyed how and why they’ve all been cancelled


i had kids and Hayu unused so I put them in and they work fine and says it’s till 2026, so why has this happened on all the others?


also now tv is my houses only source of tv so no one is happy.

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got an email from now tv saying that Sky directly cancelled my subscription because I don’t work there anymore which confuses me as Sky doesn’t allow none perm role over 2 years... so why give a 5 year pass if they cancel it? 

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@Croc9752 everyone here are customers so unfortunately you won't get any answers to your questions.


Whatever sky offered you as an employee benefit will be up to them and only they can answer why it was cancelled.