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NOW Broadband messed up my Now TV account

Hi all,

I'm a NOW TV member since maybe 2016/2017, and previously had NOW Broadband around this time before moving to another provider.

Earlier in February, i joined NOW Broadband again. It was such a hassle getting my account activated for some reason that the Broadband service ended up 'forking' my original account. So for some reason, i ended up with 2 accounts under same email on the system, one for Broadband and one for Now TV.

Here where it gets complicated, as finding out i no longer have access to my NOW TV account, i decided to cancel my broadband within less than 10 days. It's been cancelled since, but i could never access my old NOW TV account. I'm still logged in on my TV, but whenever i log in on laptop/phone, it says account active since February 2024 and doesn't show any active TV subscriptions. (i'm subscribed to both Entertainment and Boost) 

I tried explaining all this to customer support but they cannot understand what i'm trying to say. I've blocked Now TV on my Credit Card and cancelled my Credit Card, hoping to set it up on another email, but the account is still active and i'm being charged on the new credit card!! 

I really need to talk to someone on the phone service because the Bot and Online chat people are none the wiser. Please help!!

Legend 5
Legend 5


You never ever speak to staff on here. See this link.

Sounds like another account with the same payment information.

Or did you take the membership out from the app itself? Therefore third party billing.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help