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Applied tesco vouchers to get £51 credit then a few days later we took bttv now

A month or so ago I exchanged tesco vouchers for NowTV. I had £51 in credit. Bt called us a few days later and talked us into changing out bttv to bttv now tv.


i contacted tesco who refused a refund as the vouchers were applied to my account. Bt said it’s not their issue and now customer help is absolutly no help at all. 3 times I have had different answers and every one nonsense.

if I try to get another pass using my credit I can’t because it says BT have the account. 
any suggestions welcome as to how I can use my credit. I don’t even expect to get a refund but I’ve been able to speak to anyone at NowTV outwith India.


please excuse the random label but I couldn’t see what would apply.

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I am in a similar situation so I'm wondering if you got this refunded in the end? Thanks 

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Hi, sadly I didn’t. I’m still sitting with £51 in credit that can no longer be used.

Thanks for getting back to me, I've £70 on my account. Will let you know if I have any joy getting it back.
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@Juzza1 @Anonymous User 

Have a nosy at this link, hopefully it will be of some use.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help
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@Anonymous User @Juzza1 


Unless you can get BT to admit to misselling you their service, and giving you compensation equalling the value of you account credit, you might be stuck.


When you took out your BT TV contracts did you received the Now membership at a discounted price or are you paying the advertised rates for it? Can you cancel your Now membership with BT at any time or are you fixed to a certain time to have it?


One option, if you are paying the advertised rates and can cancel any time without penalty is to cancel Now from BT and ask them to transfer the account back to Now. Once the account is transferred back, use the credit on the account.


This might seem a convoluted way of doing it but I can't see any other option.


It may have some negative impacts on that when you transfer back to Now, I think (emphasis on 'I think' as I don't use BT) you lose the ability to use Now through the live EPG and record on your Youview box, only having access to the app on the box.


If you do choose to go this route, I would take screen shots of all your account pages showing the credit and your current passes incase something goes sideways during the transfer process.


For clarification on the possibility of doing this, email both BT and Now to confirm it can be done and that you can use the credit once transferred back to Now. If they do confirm it can be done, again, keep a back up of their emails incase something goes wrong.


@Anonymous User  @Juzza1  ( @Saint1976  &  @gavs82008  for info)



Hi SB & J


Just a thought, since you guys have money frozen in a place you can't use, have either of you considered contacting Resolver, at the following URL:


They may be able to help you to use those vouchers, and so freeing up your money.



UK Bob


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That’s a brilliant idea. When I’m well again I shall have a go again