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⚠️ Blue screen on your box / stick

We're aware of an issue where some customers are the screen flash blue for a short period on their box / stick. Our teams are working hard to get to the bottom of this.   To help our teams with the investigation can we ask you to reply to this topic ...

Simon-J by Community Manager
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NOW TV Box Help (black)

We've compiled some of the top questions that you might ask about the new NOW TV Box.   Just select a topic from the list, or scroll down the page to read them all.   Introduction to the NOW TV Box   NOW TV Box Setup and Troubleshooting   NOW TV Box ...

Resolved! Why does my internet keep dropping?

 I mean this is ridiculous. Happens several times a day. End up using my data because I’m unaware the connection has dropped so many times. This is so stupid. 

Prime video not opening

For the past couple of days Prime Video hasn't been working at all on our black box.  It opens, but then says to sign in... however from this point the whole system freezes, and we have to restart.  I've reset the box, removed the app, updated the ap...

Resolved! Remote control

I have lost my Now TV remote control.My Now TV box is a few years old now and has the blue Now TV logo on top and in the front panel.Will any Now TV remote control work with this box or does each version have its own specific remote control? Thank yo...

Black Now TV box resetting

Recently whilst watching TV the black Now TV box switches to the Now TV screen, does this several times then might work for a minute then do it again. I've noticed the light at the front of the box illuminates brighter than is normal, before going ba...

Remote syncing when remote has no sync button

My now tv box (black with blue writing) remote is not synced with the box and the remote does not have a sync button. So the question is how do I sync the remote with the box? Thanks for your help.

Now TV down???

I cannot access now TV on either box, laptop or phone. Anyone else? Keeps telling me not connected to the internet even though all devices are and there's no issue with h broadband

Resolved! Parental pin.

Why am I being asked for an parental pin when it’s never been set up and is not even enabled. Can’t watch anything live but I can watch catch up. Any ideas on how to fix. ?

Can’t sign in on tv

Can sign in on iPad but not on tv (“Oops, something went wrong. We couldn’t log you in right now. Please try again later”). Both using same BT Wi-Fi. Later has come and gone.

Resolved! Speed nonexistent

Hi All. Our 'speed' with NowTV has always been nonexistent however we recently moved to fibre and its even worse. We can't have 2 tvs going because the signal is so bad. We can't use 2 mobile devices and the PlayStation going. Our download speed is 5...

Tamara by Advocate
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New to now tv

Hi I just joined now tv how do I order a now box to set up my tv to watch now tv on my tv. My tv is not a smart tv but I used now tv before and tv shows diff apps. Can I buy a now tv stick to use on my tv? Or what should I do? Or get? And where?