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Sports day pass - buffering and glitches

Everytime I use Sky Sports day or week pass on my LG TV via the app it buffers or glitches after about 10 minutes. If I turn the TV off and on again or reset the router it fixes the problem for another 10-15 mins. Its so frustrating. The NOW TV app w...

LG TV (LA860) Now TV playback interface changed - changelog anywhere?

Hi,The UI of the Now TV app on my LG TV changed literally overnight.I now get "transparent" grey and blue rectangles that fill the lower third of the screen and the controls are left justified. Before there was no coloured panels and the controls wer...

My TV not getting updated properly

Hi I have a number of TV programmes on my watchlist, however the next programme does not appear on my Continue watching section. For example The Flash has been on a mid-season hiatus. It is on my watch list. The hiatus is over and there is a new epis...

LG TV Now TV 3 months £3 Offer

Hi, I recently went on the Now TV app on my LG TV and it told me about a £3 for 3 months entertainment pass. It told me to go to to complete the offer. There was no other option on my TV at the time other than to press 'Cancel'. I went t...

No sound

Just tried to watch a programme on catch up (The Affair) and there was no sound.  Tried a different programme (Criminal Minds) and it's the same - no sound. When I exit NOW TV the sound is fine on the TV. Any ideas please?

Jumping audio and visual

I'm Watching a now TV live sport stream through the app on my LG smart TV. Initial viewing is fine but after 5-10 minutes the picture freezes, then the audio and picture go out of sink and the stream becomes 'jumpy' . I've ran a Speed test and I regu...

Registered Devices

I currently have my now box & the TVs it's connected to registered as 2 devices but presumably I dont need to have the tv registered as well? Thanks.

Transition superseded

Every time I try to watch anything on nowtv entertainments on my lg tv it comes up with transition superseded and takes multiple attempts to get the programme to play.any thought/cures??I am intermittently getting the error code that there may be a p...

Timing of the voice not matching

Hello I'm watching Now TV on the app on the LG TV, the problem I have is the vioice is around 2 seconds slower than the film. The picture quality is perfect. The last film I watched was Star wars and I tried other films and still having the same prob...