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unable to connect to the stream

Hi Guys This is getting so frustrating.  I've been unable to play anything from NowTV through my LG TV.  I keep getting message "unable to connect to the stream...."I can play NowTV via the computer so know that the service is working.The point is to...

Too many devices streaming

I keep getting a message that my device limit for streaming has been reached, but I only have one streaming currently, not too. How can I fix this?

Resolved! Reliability

This is not a rhetorical question.  Why is NowTV so unreliable?  We regularly see two different screen layouts, and regularly have to switch of the entire TV between shows, as NowTV so rarely goes back to the main menu. Is the software being continua...

Sky sports buffering on LG TV

I'm suffering like a few others on here. Sports buffers every 10 minutes or so. I've followed all of the advice on here; have the latest software update, restarted the tv app, reinitialised the app too. Have an internet speed averaging 150 Mbps too. ...

Resolved! LG TV Error message 'something is wrong' and App freezes

Please can someone help.  My NOW TV app has been working OK until a few weeks ago.  Now it will start playing then freezes with the message 'something is wrong...check online help'.  My set details are: Tv: LG WebOS TV UF860V;     TV Software Version...

Resolved! NOWTV App not working on LG TV after update

HiMy TV updated yesterday and since then I can't get onto my NOWTV. I just get a swirling bar and a small message in the corner saying plugin missing. Is there anything I can do to fix this. I'm missing not being able to watch my shows as sad as that...

Resolved! Apps on LG Smart TV

I have a LG smart TV with the Now App on it. I also have a Now TV Box on another TV. I assumed when I bought the now TV package that I would be able to use all the apps across my devices, but I cannot get any of the Now box Apps on my LG TV  e.g. no ...

Can't sign in to now TV on my lg tv

I can sign into the app on my laptop and mobile phone but can't on my tv. Just keep getting message saying username and password not recognised tried many times without success

Freezing and crashing

I'm trying to watch the Chelsea game and the picture is constantly freezing and jumping , then crashes completely forcing me to reload the nowtv app all the time.Absolutely infuriating !

now tv stopped working

i have never had a problem signing into now tv on my lg smart tv. the past couple of days it is asking my to sign in. I have put the correct details in and it says give it a moment or check for updates. I can use bbc I player etc without issue and i ...