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Not remembering progress

No matter what I watch or for how long it won't remember where I was up to when I stopped watching, just thinks everything is fully viewed. Started happening in last couple of weeks.

Lg tv error code

Now TV was working until earlier today. Now it displays error code 2003. It seems to have happened after an update of sorts as now TV is displayed differently.It's on a smart LG tv not sure of the model.Can some one help?

Pin entry via remote

Since the new update, I've lost the ability to enter my pin using the number buttons on my remote. This was really useful and now my kids have learned the pin. So I have to keep changing it because they will keep finding it out while I use the arrow ...

Now tv app not loading

No matter what i try cannot get sport to load (dare not try films etc) on the now tv app on my LG tv, ive done app initilization, updated software blah blah but nothing. Now tv works perfect on my phone and lap top, all other premium apps on TV work ...

Now TV on lg tv unstable

I'm having real problem with now tv on lg TV. Sometimes. Can't login, other the signal drops and forgets where I got to in the film or to show.I have it wired to the Internet so I know it's not a wifi issue. I have done an update and I'm on 04.27.05 ...

I cant watch nowtv on my LG smart tv

Hi allI have the NowTV built in app on my LG smart TV, but when I try to access it I get the message "No Silverlight Support" and underneath it says"sorry, your browser does not support Microsoft Silverlight" Unfortunately, I know next to nothing abo...

Better *fingers crossed*

Checked out NOW via LG with a free day pass (sports) before buying another month, and been usig it today. Each LG has had a software update since last time I used NOW, and I see then NOW site has changed considerably, it seems to miss out one or two ...

Can i get latest update on my lg product?

I Have just purchased lg bluray bp645 and watching now TV on its app. It as the old now TV layout. I also have a now TV box which updated to the new layout. I have checked for software updates on the lg product and are up to date but can't find anyth...

no signal

Lg tv. Now tv worked great but now says no signal, any ideas?