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Content Issues / Missing Episodes


Why do programmes expire

Why do programmes on now tv expire ?Only 2 weeks into using this and not impressed that I’m paying for a service and then the programmes disappear.This needs to be reviewed. This issue from my research dates back years. This issue should be resolved....

Does NowTv only show older seasons

Hi , As a NowTv novice it seems to me that it is not a good option  Here is for why . I want to watch Landscape Artist Of The Year 2019 . It was on Sky Arts . However NowTv only offers older seasons . Looking around elsewhere on NowTv ..particularly ...

HD Boost on Sky Sports

Hi, is anyone else having picture issues and juddering when watching the football on either sky sports main event or premier League? It's either one or the other, or has a random judder issue aswell as what looks like pitch is ...

The Fix episodes varnished

When I watched episode 4 of The Fix earlier this week, I could have sworn that the remaining episodes were available for another 18 days, giving me plenty of time to watch them. I now find that episodes 5-7 have gone, ep 8 is only available for 1 mor...

Twd season 10

Hi, I was watching season 10 yesterday but tonight it has disappeared on the now website and smart tv. Anyone know what is happening as it runs out soon and I'd love to finish the season.  Thank you