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Content Issues / Missing Episodes


Resolved! Wheeler dealers dream car New series Can’t watch rights restrictions again !!

I”m getting sick of this now, Now tv are happy to take the money, but can’t even show new tv programmes, I was looking forward to watching  this new series of wheeler dealers, there is a post that was supposed to be updated daily/ weekly with unavail...

The Deuce season 3 error code 1300

Hi, is anyone able to tell me why I get an error message 1300 when trying to view The Deuce season 3 eps 1 & 2? I have tried viewing them via both my NowTV box & my PlayStation - both of which say the eps are available but I always get the same error...

Station 19 not available?

Station 19 series 2 is presently on sky witness on Wednesday evenings.I want to watch the start of series 2 but my search for it on the site leads nowhere.Should it not be available for catch up?

Resolved! Why no information on expiry??

What is the point in starting to watch any series when I do not know when it is going to leave? I cannot see this shown anywhere for most of the series in Entertainment. I watch on the iPad app. If somebody can enlighten me, great, but it all seems a...

Ray Donovan - s07e07 missing

Went to get my weekly fix of Ray this morning, only to start feeling a little lost whilst watching the 'previously' bit... So jumped back out of the episode to discover that episode 7 had been completely skipped, with episode 8 being put up instead.....