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Activity in Content Issues / Missing Episodes

We Bare Bears incorrect order

I feel like Now/Sky should know better than to release stuff in the wrong order, but apparently this is a problem in AD 2023 despite *wafts hands at any media database worth its salt*.I started to binge We Bare Bears and several episodes in, I find I...

NOW is horrible

It's the worst streaming service ever. Stop lying to your customers about what is on it and stop being genuinely the most annoying website to ever exist. Why on earth do I need a seperate application to open a show when I want to watch something. Whe...

"It looks like you're offline"

Whenever I try to watch either on PC or my phone I get a message displayed to me saying "It looks like you're offline" But I'm not offline at all. I've tried making sure there is available devices on the account and there is, I don't know what else t...

Because I watched

As I understand it, the only way to remove a programme from 'Continue Watching' is to go to the end of the last episode, then the system thinks you've finished.I've done this with programmes - to get rid of them on my list because they were awful - a...