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Activity in Content Issues / Missing Episodes

Missing entire seasons of Regular Show

My daughter and I wanted to rewatch some favourite episodes of Regular Show today and seasons 1-4 are now missing. What's going on? Is this a technical problem or have you not renewed the content licence.  One of the only reasons we keep our sub is f...

AC0131 by Newbie
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Resolved! Adverts with Boost?

I started getting adverts a few months ago when Now announced you need a boost subscription to share logins, and see no adverts.  I reluctantly paid for boost because I couldn't hack seeing that ridiculous McDonalds advert where they're all laughing ...

Missing bare bears series

Yesterday I signed up for now so my daughter could watch bare bears. She started watching series one.  We have logged into now today to find series one, all but one episode of series two, and the first 7 episodes of series 3 are missing? Any ideas? S...

Saalle by Newbie
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We Bare Bears incorrect order

I feel like Now/Sky should know better than to release stuff in the wrong order, but apparently this is a problem in AD 2023 despite *wafts hands at any media database worth its salt*.I started to binge We Bare Bears and several episodes in, I find I...


I’m having trouble when watching Disney+Every time we try to watch something/ anything it gives a message ‘No Internet Connection’ on occasions it comes back within seconds and other times we have to come completely off Disney+ and go back on. This d...