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Community Manager

NOW TV Account Help and Information


How do I create a NOW TV Account?

If you're new to NOW TV you'll need to create an account in order to access all of our great content. Follow these simple steps to sign up.


How do I use My Account?

We've changed the way My Account looks. See this link here for more information


How do I apply a voucher on My Account?

You can apply passes through the My Account section. Follow our Help Article for a step by step guide.


NOW TV voucher code not working?

If you have any issues applying your voucher code, check out these common errors and see what you can do about them.


How do I change my card or billing address?

All this can be done in the My Account section. See this link here for more info.


How do I cancel my Passes?

If you ever wish to cancel you pass just head to the My Account section and click cancel next to the pass you no longer want. Remember you can always reactivate this pass in the future.


I've cancelled but I'm still being charged?

If you are still being charged after cancelling you may have another NOW TV account. Click the link to help you out in this situation.