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Activity in Account & Billing

Enquire Within - a highly unofficial Now FAQ

As per are some key things about the Community to know:-“It’s a great place to find useful advice and tips for getting the most out of NOW T...

RoyB by Legend
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Charged for phone calls when I don't have a phone

I have been charged for phone calls that I have not made as I physically do not have a landline. I have a landline number connected to my broadband but no handset is connected, how is it possible to charge? Plus, when I try to get details of the call...

Taz1 by Advocate
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Boost and Sky cinema added to subscript without request

I have had Boost and Sky cinema added to subscript without request. I signed up for £6.99 per month for six months at which time I was going to quit. I find I have now been billed for Sky Cinema and Boost which has cost me another £9.99 and £6.00. I ...

mjparmy by Advocate
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Money being taken out of Paypal

I tried to sign up for NOW TV for one month to try it - there is a series we want to watch.  It took forever to do as the site just kept freezing.  Anyway, I wanted to try the Entertainment Package.I have just checked my Paypal account to see why the...

12345 by Newbie
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Resolved! Being charged 3 time

I've signed up to NOW 2 weeks ago and was immediately charged £9.99.A week later I was charged additional £9.99 for 'NOW Cinema'And today another £6.99 for NOW bonus.Why? What are these additional charges, why was I not told about them earlier and wh...

NowMe by Advocate
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Hi ThereI am sorry to start my first post like this, but I have to say how disappointed I am with Nowtv.                          I have a subscription, and I have been charged twice for SKY Sports, unfortunately, I can not see any kind of sports.Wha...

Increased Charges

I have been with NowTV (Broadband and Calls Only) for many years but this month (June 2023) my subscription has been increased by over 50%.I do not recall being advised this was going to happen and I cannot find a Customer Support telephone number to...

Resolved! charged twice

i cannot get access t my previos  email address to cancel  my subscription  so i am being charged twice for sky sports

David201 by Advocate
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