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Activity in Account & Billing

Cancelled membership

I cancelled my membership beginning of may 2023 payed my outstanding bill end of may, i now log in thinking i will come back June 2024 and i have an outstanding bill of £42.00 I haven’t received any mail notification nothing from Now about this outst...

Snail by Advocate
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Charged when account is cancelled

Hello,  I cancelled my subscription to a TV package a couple of months ago and haven't used the service,This month (April) I have been charged twice it seems Once at £4.99 Once at £6.99When I look on my account online it states I have no subscription...

F345ed by Newbie
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Enquire Within - a highly unofficial Now FAQ

As per are some key things about the Community to know:-“It’s a great place to find useful advice and tips for getting the most out of NOW T...

RoyB by Legend
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Now TV is a ripoff—don’t be fooled by offers

I chose an ‘offer’ of Now Cinema for just £6/month. “Add Entertainment for just £7/month’. Great!, I thought, I can get a month of Now entertainment for £13! (Add a free week of BOOST as well! More on that below). So, I’ll get a month of that… Sign u...

NatRUS by Mentor
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Cinema Trial £1

Hello i just tried to use the offer for sky cinema £1 for 3 it has taken the £1 but doesn't show my account having sky cinema.  they did try and take another payment of £1 but i didn't let that one through

owens92 by Newbie
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NowTV Disaster

I moved my Now TV broadband when I changed properties. This became so convoluted over the phone I regretted it, but overall Now TV has been good so tried to stick it out. They said 7 days after my activation, I'd need to call them up again to get my ...

roge by Advocate
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Unnaceptable and decieving cancellation process

Hi,I thought I cancelled my subscription on the 29th december to not get charged on the 1st Jan.I did the cancellation on my phone and because of the unnaceptable and deceiving way that nowtv handles it, I have been charged again.I have subsequently ...

PhilL by Newbie
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Resolved! Being charged 3 time

I've signed up to NOW 2 weeks ago and was immediately charged £9.99.A week later I was charged additional £9.99 for 'NOW Cinema'And today another £6.99 for NOW bonus.Why? What are these additional charges, why was I not told about them earlier and wh...

NowMe by Advocate
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I,ve been charged for cinema

I have normal membership. £6.99   I have just been charged an extra £9.99 for cinema which I did,nt ask for .I tried to contact NOW through a chat box , like talking to a toddler    how do i get a refund ?