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Activity in Account & Billing

NOW Broadband messed up my Now TV account

Hi all,I'm a NOW TV member since maybe 2016/2017, and previously had NOW Broadband around this time before moving to another provider.Earlier in February, i joined NOW Broadband again. It was such a hassle getting my account activated for some reason...

Riam by Advocate
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Enquire Within - a highly unofficial Now FAQ

As per are some key things about the Community to know:-“It’s a great place to find useful advice and tips for getting the most out of NOW T...

RoyB by Legend
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I have been logged out of my now tv and someone has bought a sports day pass what can I do 

Email change to existing account

I have updated my email address on my account to my new email. However I had forgotten the new email address already exists on an old NOW Tv account. Consequently I can no longer access my account with the old email address and when I try the new ema...

stone1 by Advocate
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Resolved! accounts

owing to a scam bank cancelled my debit card can i change to my wifes debit card

Updating address - no Welsh counties!

Just been chased to update details, my home address has changed - so my address gets picked up off my post code, but the 'County' field is blank.....and no counties outside of England are offered (even though i have put my postcode in and the system ...

NowThen by Advocate
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Renewal Contract Email Pricing Wrong

Hi New to the community, sorry if there is a solution on the pageI have asked for clarification through Now Broadband and calls help desk after agreeing a contract as below verbally on the phoneBroadband: Super Fibre £22.00 per month for 12 months, £...

CraigC-1 by Advocate
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Resolved! Unclear Price Communication

Hi, has anyone else found Now communications unclear?  I received an email stating what the new monthly cost would be, it advised me to do nothing, and then offered me other option - I took this to mean that If I agreed with the cost do nothing" and ...

Payment info not saved

I keep trying to register my card details with Now Broadband and there's always an error not letting me save my card info. I tried calling today and it didn't work, I've tried at least a dozen times to add it via the website. It always seems to run i...

Pedro-vd by Advocate
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