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Activity in Account & Billing

Itunes subscription

I recently cancelled my Now TV Pass via the Now TV app (I was paying with my debit card). I've logged in to Now TV today and for some reason, I seem to have an entertainment pass via an iTunes subscription. Now the weird thing is, according to iTunes...

Wrong plan

I signed up to cinema by mistake should have been entertainment I signed up to, I have not watched anything yet and wonder if I can change plan or do I have to cancel.

Bruce by Newbie
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Charged when account is cancelled

Hello,  I cancelled my subscription to a TV package a couple of months ago and haven't used the service,This month (April) I have been charged twice it seems Once at £4.99 Once at £6.99When I look on my account online it states I have no subscription...

F345ed by Newbie
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Resolved! Broadband Price Increase

Now, Now!I have previously spoken with your customer service advisors. I do have to admit I really struggled to understand your representative and was hoping for some clarity here.My subscription to your services are now out of contract, but it would...

NOW Broadband messed up my Now TV account

Hi all,I'm a NOW TV member since maybe 2016/2017, and previously had NOW Broadband around this time before moving to another provider.Earlier in February, i joined NOW Broadband again. It was such a hassle getting my account activated for some reason...

Riam by Advocate
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Enquire Within - a highly unofficial Now FAQ

As per are some key things about the Community to know:-“It’s a great place to find useful advice and tips for getting the most out of NOW T...

RoyB by Legend
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