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What's happened to my Internet speed?

On Sunday morning, I noticed that the Internet was down, and only reconnected after I restarted the router. However, my up to 38 MB download/9 MB upload speed is now down to a snail's pace. The speed is averaging 4-8 MB down, and the upload speed can barely register 0.02.


I've tried changing micro-filters, plus multiple restarts with no avail. Even repositioned the router.

As far as I was aware, everything was fine on Saturday. They are building some new homes which are nearing completion just at the end of my estate. I'm wondered whether it has anything to do with this?


I live in Llantarnam, Cwmbran, South Wales. Is anybody else having these issues?

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Hi @Dianne742 


Give the NOW Broadband Team a call using the telephone number on the link below. 


Could be a possibility that contractors have disturbed the wiring, but usually i would expect a total loss of service if contractors have accidentally broken a cable (unless BT Openreach are working on the street cabinet ready for the new homes to go online and messed up your connection).