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Moving house



Has anyone else experienced issues with NowTV when moving home?


I'm moving home on 22nd October, the FAQ page states it can take up to 10 days to activate service when moving home.


However, having just spoken to a member of the NowTV contact centre team I have been informed that the earliest activation date will be 15th November, so its taking a month following notification of the move to activate the service.   


I called a few days ago, prior to the date being confirmed and was told it would be 29th October, so I expected it to be 1st, maybe 2nd November but to be told 15th November when I work full time from home I am very upset with the lack of service. 


NowTV have stated its an Openreach issue and nothing they can do but surely NowTV has a contract with Openreach and associated SLAs to provide a service - NowTV is in effect purchasing a service from Openreach?? 


I have looked at alternative providers but have been told that there would be a charge for cancellation as I have 4 months remaining - how on earth can NowTV put paying customers in this position?   


I was reassured I wont be charged for the time I don't have a service but the lady I spoke to was missing the point - this isn't about having access to broadband to browse the net.   I work full time from home and require a performant, reliable service.  I could manage for a few days without service as could work from a family members home but certainly couldn't manage for over 3 weeks post move in. 


I have looked at alternative providers and Vodaphone can get me up and running for 1st November - which is a reasonable time period.    So it seems that there are available engineers via Openreach for new customers via Vodaphone but not NowTV which is appalling when customers are reliant on connectivity for work purposes. 


It would be good to know if anyone else has experienced these issues and if they managed to resolve it somehow?   





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Yes, I've had the same problem with Sky/Now broadband. When I moved house around 5 years ago, it took an additional 3 weeks on top of the original 10 days (or whatever it was back then) from when I first inform them. Then when I moved in March this year, it took an extra 8 days on top of the original estimate.


I don't know whether Sky/Now have to book a Openreach engineer every time somebody moves home, but I suspect they do. If there is no engineer available until a set date, there's probably not a lot they can do (though a lot of complaining may get their ass into gear.)


Rather than be without Internet I made sure I bought myself some mobile data, a cheap package on eBay for around £10 for 15GB. Not a lot, but enough for general browsing for a week or two. You can easily tether your laptop or desktop computer to your phone, and use it as a wireless router.