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New customer No router, no fibre speed

My service started and i have no router. Nowtv order info online says:

Service starts 11th Jan

Router dispatch 6th Jan 2-3 days delivery

Arrived post office depot 8th Jan

And now it's the 12th Jan still sitting at depot no attempt made to deliver. Phone customer service, first time they hung up, second 5min wait got through to someone saying that it's still at post office depot, they will send out a second. Although they said just use the old sky box.

Broadband bandwidth is rubbish, watching only Amazon prime, continuous degrading picture during movie. I had standard broadband before at it was never this bad. Been told 10 days it takes to stabilise before they work out how much they can reduce speed by. 

If no real change will cancel, as no equipment delivered and speed quoted not delivered. Can anyone confirm the cooling off period. Believe it is 14days?

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