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PC & Mac


Watch NOW from your browser

Hi everyone, We have some great news to share! From today you can stream all our brilliant content directly from your web browser – you’ll no longer need to use the NOW Player to watch on your PC or Mac. Find out more about all the different ways to ...

Simon-J by Community Manager
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Sync Issues

Anybody else having problems with NowTV Player and Video/Audio out of sync please?

Audio out of sync issue

Today, for me anyway, the sound is out of sync. Starts off ok for a minute, then there's a blip and then it's all out of sync. Very out of sync. Tried re-downloading and installing the player again but it makes no difference.

TracyHm by Mentor
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Linux support

Just signed up and I cant download your player on Linux. It tries to download something from which doesn't exist. Any ideas ?

144p when watching anything

I just bought the sport deal because of the new F1 season coming up and im greeted with nothing but the lowest quality ive ever seenis there a fix? dont tell me to check my internet because its absolutely not that, i can run every other streaming ser...

Resolved! NOW TV Player PC - Just black screen for video but audio works OK

The NOW TV Player was working fine on my PC a couple of days ago and now it looks like it's working but just shows a black screen where the video should be.  The sound plays fine. Tried the Uninstall re-install fix but nothing it's stopped working. U...

Arowx by Mentor
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Using a 3rd party Router

Hi, i have upgraded to the fastest Broadband package NowTV offer, but I still get buffering on TV's and Kindles etc. We have a lot of things running off the WiFi, so I think I need to upgrade the router.I purchased an Asus RT-AX82U Router, but I can'...

Val by Newbie
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Updated Player (PC) now doesnt lauch - Java error?

Hi,  I had this working previously, but then trying to launch the player today,. there was an advise of an update, so I updated it. However now, when I try to launch the player, after a few moments the below error appears.A JavaScript error occurred ...

STILL don't have my Watchlist back yet!

As with a lot of people, my Watchlist was wiped clean about a month ago.I've complained twice, read all the other posts on here and seen that some people have had their's fixed, but I still don't have any of my Watchlist back.I haven't watched NowTV ...