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Activity in PC & Mac

Something went wrong SHAKA_ERROR_1002MAIN_CONTENT

Have tries 5 chats with support already. When streaming a tv show it plays for a few minutes then stops and I get a black screen with the above message. Am streaming with a laptop pc wired connection of 36mbps. Windows 11. have tried the following - ...

Anon100 by Advocate
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Can't stream Now TV using Microsoft Edge

This week I had to change my Desktop connection from a wired connection to a wireless one.  Also a Windows 10 update was installed.Since then I have been unable to stream Now TV Sport using Microsoft Edge.  I can however stream using Google Chrome.Wh...

Live US tennis on NOW TV will not stream

NOW TV streaming of the US Open tennis using my PC in the UK worked okay yesterday, but today nothing loads when I click either of the 2 streaming options for this event. My broadband internet connection is good. Is there a technical glitch at Sky Sp...

Nic-S by Mentor
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US open

To all the people who are disappointed after subscribing to Now TV just for the US open tennis expecting more ... You can watch all matches through the bookies sites. . . Good quality too.

brotuz1 by Observer
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