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Modem mode / Own Router

Hi, Just ordered the fibre service.


Looking at the formum it kind of implys that there is no modem mode / option to use myown modem / router insead of the supplied kit?


Can someone verify this?


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Re: Modem mode / Own Router

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Hi @Skinnersplace



The Now TV HUB is technically both a Router/Modem in one. You can use your order Router if you wish as we cannot stop you from doing this however Now TV would not offer support on this in anyway as we would prefer that customers use our own equipment and so we do not offer support for any 3rd party equipment. So if you choose to use a 3rd Party router then you would have to get the details to set this up yourself as we do not have individual settings for every router. Also if at some point you have technical issues and you contact our support team you would need to have the Now TV HUB plugged in when calling otherwise we can not troublehsoot any issues you may have at that time. I hope this gives a better understanding.