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I have a router, but need a modem. Which modem do I buy?

It seems like I need a modem for my setup to work. Can someone suggest a good modem (preferably one that doesn't have WiFi, to reduce cost).

The equipment that I currently have is:

  • ASUS AX86U (to be used for WiFi);
  • NOW Hub 2 (seems like it can't be used as a bridge);
  • ZYXEL AMG1302-T11C (doesn't seem to have IPoE).

From what I've gathered on this forum, it seems HG612 3B is decent, but isn't it pretty old? Might that not affect it's longevity/performance?

I've also found mentions of more expensive routers that people use as a bridge, but I assume most of their cost is due to functions that are already covered by my AX86U.

Alternatively, perhaps there is a way to make things work with my current equipment that I haven't figured out?

I would be grateful for any help.